Lighting technologies have developed rapidly over recent years and the changes have brought with them new challenges. Silicone materials are finding more applications and bringing many benefits within the lighting industry in general.

Silicones are used inĀ four main areas

  • LED's
  • Hazard safety zone
  • Commercial outdoor
  • Signage


The most rapidly developing technology with the most to gain from the use of silicone technology.

Silicones are used to provide

  • Improve light output
  • Protection
  • Thermal conductivity

For more detailed discussion refer to the LED pages

Hazard safety zone

Silicones help provide environmental seals that will prevent explosions or risk of fire. Seals can be created in wet form for a permanent bond or as a FIPG gasket for easy removal and repair.

Commercial outdoor & Signage

In most cases it is a simple task of providing a good environmental seal. ACC Silicone have an extensive range of sealants capable providing a suitable seal, our new neutral cure systems will not interfere with the electrical connections.

Please refer to our adhesive pages for more information


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