Adhesives & Coatings

ACC Silicones manufacture a range of finished products


ACC Silicones formulate and manufacture a range of primers specifically for use with silicone adhesive and elastomers. 

Please refer to our primer pages for more information


ACC manufacture a number of silicone based materials for use as coatings, some of these materials will cure at room temperature while others require the use of heat

Applications include

  • Conformal coatings for electronic PCB protection
  • Textile coatings
  • Belt coatings

Silicone Adhesives

The ACC range of silicone adhesives use a wide range of chemistries to produce RTV's (room temperature vulcanising) and heat cured 1- parts.  They are used in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, industrial and the construction industries.

Please refer to our adhesive pages for more information


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